Q: Aren’t all roof coating companies the same?
A: The easy answer is no. Many companies have sprung up recently painting roofs. Many of these new companies are literally just colouring roofs using paint. Our coating is an industry leading polymer based sealer designed to penetrate, harden and reseal the surface of roof tiles against the hardh British climate. Our coating is fully backed by a manufactures warranty. We have been in the roof coating business for over twenty years and have a long list of satisfied customers.

Q: How long should coating my roof take?
A: The entire roof coating process usually takes two to three days, dependent upon the weather after cleaning and repairing the roof must be completely dry before the sealer is applied.



Q: Can you really guarantee uPVC for 20 years?
A: Yes. By using the best materials on the market, we can be confident in uniformity of materials and our expert installers have extensive experience to ensure a quality of workmanship which should out last our guarantee.

Q: A guy came to my door and said my wood was ok to capp over, is this correct?
A: Unless your property is recently a new build, we would never recommend capping over your existing timbers. This is very poor practice as capped over damp timbers sweat and cause roof joists to rott. No manufacture guarantees their product fitted in this way, so you have no guarantee. It may seem like a good deal at the time but beware as in the long run it may be very costly, if you later have to replace wood on rotting joists and have uPVC roofline fitted properly after all.



Q: Do I need both fitted?
A: Although if both fitted dry verge and dry ridge totally eliminate the need for mortar on your roof. Either system can be fitted individually; it is not totally necessary to have both fitted together. Although together they make the ultimate roof protection.

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